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Here are some Testimonials from our former students:

Bidding online was a quick, affordable way to book lessons for preparing me for my test. It was located on 21st driving schools web page. I was able to get price of 5 lessons for a cheaper price. If the bid is too low you might have to increase the bid. In my opinion it is a great way to get affordable driving lessons.

David Dar

21st Century Driving School has changed the way I feel about driving. As a teenager I was involved in a few accidents which left me VERY apprehensive about driving. I got my "N" but never took the test for my class 5 and instead drove for 12 years with my "N". Once I had kids, however, I decided it would be the responsible thing to do to get my full license. What first made me decide to call David was that he said the following on his website:

"There has become a demand for those who need specialized and tailored training, especially those whose driving skills have been compromised after being involved in an accident or have some psychological fears in order to gain a peace of mind in driving."

I am so glad I called David. Not only was he very patient and knowledgeable, but he instilled in me the confidence to drive again and pass my class 5 test with "flying colours". This is a huge blessing in my life and I couldn't have done it without David. I would highly recommend him to ANYONE -- whether it is someone learning to drive for the first time or someone like myself who needs to learn a different mindset about driving and that fears can be overcome.

Thank you David!
Joyanna Martin, Langley BC

David, I’ve already told 3 people about you. You are a good luck. Everyone passed their driving test with first attempts. We drove for only about 20 minutes or so and the examiner didn’t even make me do a parallel parking. We didn’t drive through the 30 km zones either. He said at the end that he could tell I had everything down and didn’t need to see any further. It was awesome. So, thanks for teaching me everything and yes I’ve PASSED!


I have enjoyed learning to drive with David at 21st Century Drivers. A friend recommended to go to 21st Century and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. David carefully examined what I did well and what needed some work. He explained things very clearly and was always friendly. Before taking lessons, I was not sure if I was doing everything correctly or even if I was practicing everything that I needed to practice. From learning simple things such as scanning correctly at an intersection to more complex things like parallel parking David had a great way to teach me exactly how to do it. With my test approaching quickly, he always found time to work lessons in on a tight schedule. With the help of David I had the confidence to pass my N test, as I did on my first try. Thank you David for teaching me to drive safely, and for breaking my bad habits.

Meghan Rooney

Dear 21st Century Driving School, I've just passed my Class 7 road test with my first take! I have to admit that I've never considered myself passionate about driving, and getting behind the wheel was something I would prefer to avoid if I could. But my driver-training experience with 21st Century Driving School has changed that and it has sparked up hidden longing inside me for learning to drive. David's experience, knowledge, and most importantly, patience, have given me a confidence that I could be not only a good, but also safe and defensive, driver. Whenever I make mistake, such as turning too fast or slow or changing the lane without checking over my shoulders, unless it was very serious, posing risk to ourselves and others, David lets me to run my course of actions and explains me my fault once we pull over, away from traffic. His key teaching method is to let his students to learn from our own mistakes and it works! He is very good at keeping his students' frustration level to a minimum. After handful number of training sessions together, I was already being taught about advanced driving techniques, such as steep-hill stop-over or parallel parking in tight spots, etc. As my experience level and comfort zone progressed, he expanded the subject area with many unique techniques that could be useful in various different real-life situations. At the end, I'm confident driver now! Oh, I should also mention that David was always on time! If traffic congestion or other unexpected obstacles prevent him from showing up on time, he always calls me to report, thus cutting down my wait time effectively. I will strongly recommend 21st Century Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive with ease and wear smile on their faces!

K.D., Surrey, BC

Before I started the lesson, I was very concerned about how the road really works. Simple things like turning, switching lanes, dealing with intersection, pulling over and even steering seems difficult to me. I did not know ANYTHING on how to drive or what kind of things to be caution of. However, after a few lessons, I have overpowered these fears and became more confident driver! I feel safer driving now knowing what to do and always be caution and absorbing good habits. I wouldn't know what to do without your help! Thank You Very Much.

Jack Liu

I have just passed my Class 5 drivers license - thanks to 21st Century Driving Instructors! I passed both the N and Class 5 on the first try. My mother refused to drive with me as she said I would not listen to advice - once I began taking lessons with 21st Century I realized how much I needed that expert advice. My instructor was patient and experienced and knew exactly when I was proficient enough and confident enough to take the test.

I have recommended 21st Century to many of my friends and they all had the same excellent results. A pass on the first attempt. I had friends who couldn't pass their tests, they became more and more nervous and discouraged - I recommended that they take a few lessons with 21st Century and they all admitted that it was a great help and they were then successful on the next attempt.

Thank you David for teaching me to drive safely and defensively.

Hannah Birkin

I passed my road test first try, thanks to David's amazing teaching! He always reminded me about unknown situations and taught me how to handle them with ease. I highly recommend 21st Century Driving to anyone who needs lessons. If it wasn't for David, I wouldn't have passed my test!

Roxy R.

I had a great experience taking driving lessons with David. He taught me everything I needed to know for my test, and for safe and defensive driving. I got so much more confident on the road and when it came time for my test, I wasn't even nervous. I passed my test with flying colours and a clean sheet! I would highly recommend taking driving lessons with David.

Aliyah Dar

After taking a few lessons, I felt more confident and skilled in my driving. David Yon is a great instructor. His proffesional way of teaching helped me pass my road test, first time. I would strongly recommend 21st Century. Thank You David for helping me improve my driving!

Patrick Rychter


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